I've finished Android development using SDK and with Phonegap framework. Now I want to post collection if usefull links, that I've used in my development process.


In this paragraph I'll summarize information of most impressive visualization tools, but if you want more - just follow link in the paragraphs title and choose what would suit your needs. Also, this tools are libraries for different programming languages.

NetworkX - Python framework. I don't know how it works, but somehow it looks good for minor graphs.

Processing2 - one of the most impressive graph systems, translated into Java byte code.

Prefuse - another Java library. You could view gallery, there are different awesome works using this lib.

And following links for JavaScript libraries: PocessingJS, Data-Driven Documents and KeyLines - they looks awesome. And you could still create back-end on Java and just pass data to webpage, that will proceed to drawing, but this libs looks better then libs written with other languages, but it could be less powerfull though.


Some useful links you could find in my Android application description, but here I collect some links, that was usefull during development.

PhoneGap (Cordova)

jQuery Mobile Tutorial - guide for creating mobile websites using jQuery Mobile library. It's optimized for mobile development and also most popular framework.

underscore.js Templates Guide and Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile Tutorial have helped me to figure out how to use templates and default Backbone models in my application.

LeadBolt PhoneGap Tutorial - my applications aren't so popular, so I haven't any chance to test how effective that advertisement, but I've already contacted it's Support and my problem was fixed fast and really in impressive way, so I think I could recommend using this ads. Also, they've got guides and libs for popular frameworks.

jQuery Mobile Page Navigation Documentation - you should read it or you'll get strange problems during development, because you'll think that jQuery Mobile website should work as common website.

Tutorial for signing an APK - last link, because you'll need it to publish your application in Google Play. I've got issues with Ghost engine, but I'll try to fix it and create good looking tutrorial for signing based on what I've found.


I've lost most of the links, so here I'll left only localization link - Android Localization Guide - because I've got an idea to collect links in blogpost after I alsmost finished pure Java Android project and begun Cordova app.

Other stuff

Kuler - if you need to pick up color theme that's your choice.

Top Java books... or almost every programmers book - some of that books helped me a lot. Some of them have useful advice for career, some of them give you valuable knowledge of the software systems and so on.