There is only device testing left, before I publish my application in Google Store. And I want to write about my experience of developing application with JavaScript (jQuery, mainly) and HTML.

First I'll tell what I've used in my work:

  • Apache Cordova (a.k.a. PhoneGap)
  • jQuery Mobile as main UI
  • Mongodb from Mongolab as database
  • Backbone.js and underscore.js for templates
  • jQuery Mobile Flat-UI Theme
  • webL10n for easy localization on the run

I've done this application in 1.5 month, but if I spent on it whole day, I think this application could be created in a week or less. You've got good instruments and you just combine them to get awesomeness.

There were some problems during development process. Main problem was unusual javascript code behaviour. Error on the page could release into either eternal jQuery Mobile loading or clean run, without messages in console. Last one was really hard to fix, because it was problems with naming. Strong typing programming languages could prevent such errors, but JavaScript ran smoothly.

Second problem was that each page have it's own ecosystem, and you should use code to initialize something common between pages, so I've got corresponding js file for every html page.

Finally I finished my application. There was some problems to release apk file, but I've solved them. It's really easy to publish application with Cordova framework.

Now my application goes to the market and here is link to download it:

Get it on Google Play