This is my first Android application. I've used following technologies, developting this application:

  • Java. Application was written on pure Java without hybrid frameworks.
  • OrmLite to communicate with SQLite database.
  • SlidingMenu.
  • Caldroid for informative calendar.

This application gave me great understanding how Android applications work and I've got a lot of experience during development process. Sometimes this application pissed me off, because of strange Android bugs or inaccuracy in examples and documentation.

I will develop inapp purchase for removing advertisement, but it's really unstable part of this application and I decided to remove it to get app released as soon as possible. If there will be regular users of application I'll add shop again. You could also turn ads off in setting for session.

I have to test localiztion before I could release application, so I hope in few days this application will be on Google Play.

Final tests were complete, so my application is available on Google Play:

Get it on Google Play

I have found a small error with naming packages and now I can't change Activities package name to Achievements. I could recreate application in the Developers Console, but I will store this name as memento to my first ever Android application.