I'm Artem and I'm 22 years old.

I'm working as Junior Java Software Developer in It Energy. I prefer creative side of development, so I work better when create useful applications with choosen language and third-party libraries. I'm able to write programms with most object-oriented and procedure languages, but I really like Java and libraries from its communite. Also, I have good expirience with academic and real projects with this programming language.

I love documentation and project management, that could help other people to understand what was done. It is one of many reasones for me to create this blog for sharing my expirience on difficult problems, which I could met during development process.

I have several projects in my mind. Now I'm focused on mobile development so my projects are Achievements application, the gamificated organizer, and Festival application, that helps to manage anime and other interesting festivals all over the world. I have ideas for data-mining, data-visualization, but it's not so attractive for me right now.